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Retro, elegant and classic hotel at the Jordaan in Amsterdam

Classic, retro and elegant. Step inside Hotel Mercier and feel at home. History relives at the straight friendly hotel with 46 rooms. The authentic style is showed in the interior. Think of Art deco, robust wooden furniture with a touch of velvet and rich prints. The lobby is built in style of the old library and feels like a second home. The monumental building on the Rozenstraat 12 at a unique location at the Jordaan in Amsterdam is the place to be for sleeping, dining, working or meetup with locals. The philosophy of Helena Mercier, founder of ‘Ons Huis’ was to bring the neighborhood together, learn from each other and enjoy time together. Hotel Mercier will capture this in our heart.

4+ star boutique hotel

46 rooms

Café ‘Ons Huis’

Monumental building at a unique location at the Jordaan in Amsterdam

Straight-friendly hotel

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