Photoshoot in Amsterdam

Discover the perfect setting for your photoshoot in Amsterdam at Hotel Mercier, where art, luxury, and aesthetics converge: ideal for stylish and inspiring photography. Hotel Mercier offers a variety of spaces, each with its unique character, available for individual reservation. This flexibility allows for a photoshoot setting that can be tailored to different needs and budgets.


Stylish photos in our bar

Discover the enchanting charm of Hotel Mercier's bar, a popular spot among photographers. There is much to explore! Inspiring colors and surprising combinations of prints alternate, with each corner telling its own story. The imposing, French doors separate the lobby from the bar, where art-deco meets modern regency.
The bar features various seating areas with soft pink armchairs. By the window, these are paired with a long bench, creating an ideal setting for casual lifestyle photos with class and atmospheric product photography. The high wall adorned with frames and ornaments that recall the history of Hotel Mercier serves as a playful backdrop. The rear part of the bar exudes a living room feel: a cozy corner with a plush sofa and an oval glass coffee table with a vintage wooden frame. Finally, the space offers a large, elongated wooden bar with both short and long sides, accompanied by high bar stools with soft upholstery, a stylish print, and black accents. The bar's positioning allows for easily creating different settings. For example, include the hanging glasses in the racks above the bar in your shot for a stylish café look or turn your camera for a more serene background.

Tall windows and light hues in the restaurant

Discover the versatility of Restaurant Bonboon as an ideal location for various types of photoshoots. Enter the restaurant through the imposing French doors that lead to the spaciously designed dining area. Here, you are greeted by light hues, and the high windows let daylight flood the space. The sleek round tables with a marble look are playfully combined with vintage chairs. For a more relaxed, living room feel, use the soft gray sofas. Look up to see an impressive light fixture: a unique ceiling lamp with over 50 light bulbs.

Inspiring library

Our meeting room ‘The Living’ is stylishly decorated with art deco design. The space is furnished with deep teal furniture, and in the middle of the room stands a large black table. Inspired by a library, this room is perfect for capturing photos with a mysterious touch. It also lends itself well to business photos, offering a stylish office setting. Besides serving as a beautiful shoot location, this room can also be rented as a makeup and changing area.

Photogenic Hotel Rooms

Hotel Mercier offers not only hotel rooms for overnight stays but also for day use, making them ideal for photoshoots. Each room is a harmonious mix of antique elements and contemporary design, infused with art that stimulates the imagination. The bathrooms and toilets are also photogenic, with lush wallpaper, marble sinks, and glossy, burgundy mosaic tiles. The windows are adorned with dark curtains featuring a stylish floral pattern, and each room is decorated with a unique wall tapestry. Every detail is meticulously designed, making every corner of the room a perfect picture for your camera.

Rates & more Information

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